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Please read FAQ before contacting us.

Due to the abuse of this page by spammers who use computer robots to extract e-mail addresses, we do not list the real e-mail addresses of our staff on our website. The name of each person below is a "mailto" link that sends to a temporary address, which is then forwarded to the real address. Please do not save these temporary addresses in your address book, as they may be changed without notice when they start receiving spam.

Questions regarding criminal justice policy issues and the Foundation generally, including administration, contributions, and financial information should be addressed to:

Michael Rushford
President & CEO

Questions regarding the Foundation's legal program, cases, and publications should be addressed to:

Kent Scheidegger
Legal Director & General Counsel

Feedback on the Web site:

Irma Abella

You may also write to CJLF:

2131 L Street
Sacramento, CA 95816

Or call:  (916) 446-0345.

Reasonable inquiries will be answered promptly. Thank you for your interest!

CJLF is not accepting advertising at this time for our main website or our blog, Crime and Consequences. Due to the volume of emails we receive seeking publicity for other websites, such inquiries will generally not be answered.